PCB 抗擾度量測修改配件 Immunity

PT4 set

PT4 set

EFT Generator Set
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The PT4 set is used to analyze immunity of assemblies and devices efficiently. The PT4 burst transformer converts the pulses of the EFT/burst generator into potential free burst pulses. These are injected into individual sections of the device under test, enabling the developer to locate its susceptible areas. The set includes a magnetic and an electric field source which are also supplied by the EFT/burst generator. The field, which emerges from the head of the field source, is used to scan the surface of the device under test. This allows the weak spots to be located with precision and assigned to the fault patterns that occur in compliance tests. The burst transformer and the connecting cable come with either an SHV plug (HV SHV-SMB 1 m) or a Fischer plug (HV FI-SMB 1 m). Please select the desired connector/plug when ordering.

Measurements taken with an oscilloscope during interfence are possible because the pulses from the burst generator are galvanically isolated. This allows for a significant reduction in faulty measurements despite possible interference.


Technical parameters
PT4 Burst Transformer  
Max. burst voltage 4.5 kV
Transformation ratio 1:1
Dielectric strength of outputs 500 V / DC, AC 50 Hz